Hamburgers with Fava Beans

Hamburgers and Fava Beans

The great thing about going to the Farmers Market on Sunday, ideally, is that you’re set for the week.  As we hurried from booth to booth on Sunday, hoping no one was pilfering our bikes — they did, but thankfully left all the riding components intact, we managed to come away with some amazing grass-fed ground beef and some fava beans.

Brian is a fool for a legume.  They wield a power of fascination over him that makes it possible for him to shuck them not once, but twice, shock them and then sauté them  them with garlic, caramelized red onions, sage and fresh mint into a symphony of flavor that justifies the  labor — as long as it wasn’t mine.

For the burgers, I relied on the wisdom from a summer issue of Food & Wine that says, the less you handle the meat the better — mashing and kneading ground beef gives you meatloaf on a bun.  Tenderly removing the meat from the package, seasoning it with salt and pepper and a little Worschestshire sauce and then cooking it over insanely high heat, yields a burger that is both juicy and delicious.  We happened to have a little rye bread and bleu cheese on hand.  Combined with a little ketchup and dijon mustard, it’s a Tuesday dinner worth trying.

Brian assures me he will add his proportions for the fava beans soon…


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